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Working Principle
     Vertical Roller Mill Production Line mainly consists of the grinder, dust collector, hot air stove, bucket elevator, feeder, hopper etc.
    When it works, raw materials are fed in evenly by the feeder at the bottom of the hopper, then lifted to appropriate height by the bucket elevator, then sent into the mill through feeding pipe to be grinded , the grinded materials are brought into the powder classifier by the hot air generated by the hot air stove, at the same time, the materials are dried and classified , the unqualified materials fall down to be regrind, qualified fine powders are sent into powder collector , and then transported to the storage by the conveyor.

Vertical Roller Mill Production Line
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1. High capacity and efficiency.
2. High drying ability.
3. Simple technological process , less premise .
4. Low noises and pollution.
5. Stable chemical composition and even granularity of end products.
6. Long service life of spare parts.

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