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Decompression Technology in the Rotary Kiln

Decompression Technology in the Rotary Kiln

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The process of Manganese sulfate manufacturing takes the decompression technology, which proceed in the sealed rotary kiln, by this method it can significantly reduce the number of workers and the labor intensity of workers, improve working conditions,reduce environmental pollution.

The gas and burden can move in the same direction or in opposite direction in the rotary kiln, the charging direction of gas and burden depends on the reducing agent type and the heating method. The rotary kiln runs in a certain inclination angle, the burden and the reducing agent should mixed well, and the typical reducing agent are usually coal and heavy oil. The burder’s heating in the rotary kiln can directly through the internal flame, also can indirectly through the electric power that out side the tube. The amount of air into the rotary kiln furnace control is very important to avoid the reducing agent burning. Exhaust gas can be collected for the burden preheating. The good contact between the burden and the gas can be achieved because of the rotary kiln body rotating.
The difference between the rotary kiln and the previous reduction kiln is that the with the material in the rotary kiln are heated indirectly heating. The rotary kiln barrel body is composed of 3 layers, the inner layer is made of titanium plate, whose heat-resistance strength is higher than 1100 degree, the middle layer is refractory brick and insulating asbestos board, the outer layer is composed of ordinary reinforcing steel plate that supporting the whole barrel body, heating resistance wires are divided into 3 groups in the refractory bricks, and every group of the resistance wire have temperature adjusting and temperature controlling system.
In order to prevent the high temperature material oxidized in  air, the reduced material should processed in the sealed environment, the high temperature material should transported by the screw conveyor,  cooled down by the water tube that covering the conveyor, it reduces the oxidation opportunity of MnO, and  greatly reduce the dust.
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