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Routine Maintenance Skills of Cone Crusher

Routine Maintenance Skills of Cone Crusher

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 Cone crusher can be used as secondary and fine crushing equipment,how to maintain cone crusher in good working condition?Great Wall company is the leading mining machinery enterprise who has been engaging in manufacturer over 50 years,Great Wall experts recommend the daily maintenance skills of cone crusher.
 1.Do the overall check for cone crusher  before start. Guarantee there is not any little mistakes. 
2.Make sure Whether the cone crusher crushing frame and the console equipment is in good condition, make sure there are no sundries in the crushing cavity of cone crusher.
3.Fasten the cone crusher slot.belt tension is medium. 
 4.In the crushing process of cone crusher,operator need to check the lubrication system of the equipment regularly, ensure the bearing temperature is appropriate.

5.Check the quick wear parts of cone crusher such as plate hammer,lining protection plate and impact plate etc., if it is found serious abrasion wearing parts,we must have to change them in time, so as to avoid causing serious accidents and damage.


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