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Analysis of Cone Crusher Liner Wear Degree

Analysis of Cone Crusher Liner Wear Degree

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Cone crusher is used for crushing hard materials, so the liner board will wear seriously. You have to change the liner board in time, or it will cause many problems, such as the uneven product granularity, the production efficiency is decreased and the energy consumption increases etc and so on. But the frequently replacement of the liner will increase the cost of production, so to replace the lining board in appropriate time is particularly important, take a lining board liner wear record is a good method is to know when to change the liner board.
1. when the liner board come to the cone crusher discharge mouth, make a mark on the gearing position that the hydraulic adjusting equipment and the drive ring, the mark indicating the first port of discharge, a tiny adjustment will be take when the drive ring to the next gear.
2. in daily operation, accurate records for the number of teeth geat of the first set of the liner board, starting from the first position to the liner can be used until the end, record the tooth geat number of each position.
3. after the whole set of the liner board used up, take the record of tooth geat number on the drive ring before turning the fixed cone, mark a line below the adjustment cap of the dustproof loop.
4. installation of new liner board and record the moving number of the teeth geat of driving ring. Compared with the cone crusher the moved tooth gear number of first set liner board, you can know the wear degree of the liner board, along with the changing of discharge port position the adjustment cap will move down a bit, the mark on the dustproof loop will tell you the wear degree of the liner board, because there is no same wear degree with two sets of lining board, in order to estimate the average level of a more accurate data you can follow the steps to do it a few times.
cone crusher liner board material is high manganese steel, because it has high toughness and good shock hardening characteristics. The service life of the cone crusher liner board are very different for the quality of the material are so different, our company adopt high quality material to make one crusher liner boards, Great Wall Heavy Industry is trustworthy manufacturer of cone crusher.
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