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The Concept of Crushing and Grinding in Stone Crushing Plant

The Concept of Crushing and Grinding in Stone Crushing Plant

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In stone crushing plant processing when the stress value from the external load is greater than the theoretical stress value, the crack propagates well broken, in fact, the totally brittle materials does not exist, any material have certain toughness.
Stone Crushing Plant Ore Ductile Fracture: Cleavage fracture, external force is the role of the rock apart without plastic deformation, but the ductile fracture is alien to the cleavage fracture. The ductile fracture rushing mechanism is related to the hole ductile fracture of the growth and the accumulation of the necessary dislocation. To make ductile fracture happen, in addition to stress to dislocation movement outside, still need to have a certain plastic deformation, plastic deformation is the result of material yield. The yield strength of normal material is 07. The plastic deformation, can be a very small plastic fracture path through the limitation of deformation, only need a small energy. Ore can be crushed in the relatively low stress, from the sharp or cracks began, so the broken can be implemented in a fairly low down force. As shown in schematic diagram of various bits of germanium, these defects with various dislocation changes under the action of external force, increasing the size of defects,so that the material strength decreases, until the materials are crushed.
The reasonably broken process of stone production line should make full use of these stages, the best condition with each successive process,selective crushing and poor rock breaking process, namely the crushing process crushing grinding machine existing in, can be said that most of the time the optimum conditions and the stage procedure did not keep.
Stone crushing plant in the theory of fracture mechanics, the concept of crushing and grinding can be seen as the process of crack formation and expansion. In order to ensure the formation of the initial crack and extended, crystal gate should have sufficient number of defects in solid,namely on the one hand must have a certain number of linear defects and dislocations, on the other hand, point, line, plane and three-dimensional dislocation, defects can interact, and then the defect concentration region in the particles, the contact ore particles are first developed into micro crack.
The speed limit load capacity and high stone production line vibration grinding bearing mechanical generally have a high, high vibration acceleration. General to meet this requirement only double row spherical roller bearing and single row cylindrical bearing, double row spherical joint bearing high bearing capacity, but low speed limit, both inside and outside can not be separated, to assemble the inconvenience, when double row spherical roller bearing uranium to load, load on both sides of the roller is not uniform, to take displacement not through the double row spherical roller bearings to adjust itself. Single row cylindrical bearing capacity is low,especially the axial lower, self-aligning performance difference.
Stone crushing plant equipment failure form of rolling bearing has 3 kinds,namely fatigue spalling, plastic deformation and wear, the former two kinds of failure forms of rolling bearings with dynamic load and static load rating son. Should try to change the structure and material of bearing, the bearing has larger rated load (axial and radial) capacity.

Radial clearance is suitable for vibration grinding bearing mechanical life great relationship. Stone crushing plant equipment if increase radial bearing clearance, bearing the load area will be reduced, the maximum load of rolling body will increase, thereby reducing the bearing life. Such as reducing the clearance, especially in the negative clearance, bearing a serious fever, decreased life expectancy will be faster. Generally work clearance for the army, the longest life expectancy. General of the clearance. At the same time also should make the shaft diameter, bearing seat and the bearing internal and external cooperation to produce the best amount of interference, in order to achieve the final required clearance.The original clearance and fit clearance and swim in the difference should be zero. Stone crushing plant which vibration grinding by mechanical bearing clearance generally larger is decided by the special conditions of it.


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